Pizza Ministry

We are blessed to be a blessing to our neighbors with pizza, music, fun and fellowship every Wednesday night in the summer. On average, more than a thousand people gather for fresh, hot, wood-fired pizza from 5-8 PM, while enjoying live music on stage... two live bands every night! The summer of Covid-19 means curbside, drive-through pizza and live music on 98.1 FM, 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

The money we raise helps support the church, as well as dozens of other churches and non-profit organizations that volunteer with us or receive grant money. Since 2012, the Berne Church has given away about $140,000 to 60-some local neighbor-loving organizations beyond the church.

When you come to Berne Wood-Fired Pizza, think picnic. Check out what to bring and other details on the pizza website or on Facebook. Thank you to all who are part of it!